EAP for Employers

Pathways EAP: Your Partners in Employee Health and Productivity

Over 85% of Fortune 500 companies offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You know what they know: your employees often struggle with personal challenges that distract them from work and negatively impact productivity.

Concentrate on your core business and rely on us to provide confidential guidance and practical solutions that get your employees back on track.

An effective EAP can also have a positive and measurable impact on employee health and productivity:

  • Employees who used the EAP had fewer unscheduled absences. The average time away from work that was caused by the employee’s mental or emotional health concern(s) decreased by 6.77 hours after using the EAP.
  • The EAP provided care and support for employees with depression. 90.1% of EAP participants with depression showed significant (55.7%) or moderate (34.4%) improvement after using the EAP.
  • EAP participation led to a significant reduction in the use and abuse of alcohol. The average alcohol index score for EAP participants who presented with alcohol use or abuse improved from 6.5 to 3.9.
  • The EAP had a positive and measurable impact on employee productivity. 80.8% of EAP participants reported high productivity after utilizing the EAP, compared to just 52.2% prior to using the program.

(Source: CuraLinc Healthcare, 2017)


A Win-Win for Your Company and Your Employees

Your employees and their families can access the Pathways EAP for confidential counseling and referrals around-the-clock.

Key Features for Employees and Family Members

  • Assessment and short-term counseling
  • Substance abuse and dependency evaluations
  • Coping skills for depression, anxiety, marriage/family issues, stress, conflict resolution
  • Critical incident management and support for traumatic workplace events

Work-Life Services

  • On-line and instant message resources, referrals and articles
  • Monthly featured webinar
  • Guidance and resources on a wide array of life and work topics from financial to legal, child care to senior care

Supervisor and HR Support

Your key personnel will learn to identify an at-risk employee, script their discussions, and refer for appropriate interventions that promote safety and better work performance. In addition, human resources professionals and client supervisors also receive unlimited telephonic consultation.